The new Huns are here (well, almost)

Jef (Black Box) had a test shot of the Trumpeter 1/32 F-100 at the Blizzcon
today and OMG!
This is one kit that I will make a have-to-get! Plans for the two seater are
in the works and Jef said he is going to start creating his art (just the CP
but so many open panels) on Monday.
So look for them in your neighborhood stores in March/April.
Happy, happy, joy, joy :-)
Chuck Ryan
Springfield OH
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Chuck Ryan
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I wonder if the experts are already working on their complaint sheets. I certainly hope Trumpeter does his one right. I'm not a rivet counter bur sort-of get discouraged at noticeable errors in basic shape and such. I don't mind replacing the cockpit or correcting some minor errors but major errors like a noticeably misshapen fuselage or wing. etc, really annoys me and would cause me to not buy an otherwise very desirable aircraft on my list.
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Bill Woodier

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