Trumpeter Visible Me262 ??

saw this on an upcoming model list.
anyone know how much of the plane will be visible? For $70 or so I
hope that she is pretty close to naked.
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Not seen anything about it, but it would have to match the Tamiya clear edition I would have thought as far as letting it hang out goes. Hopefully it wont have the Tamiya's ejector pin marks on the inside of the fuselage halves. Anyway, what are they doing messing about with that? shouldn't they be concentrating on getting that 1/32 EE Lightning onto the shelves?
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flak monkey
There are pictures of it on Trumpeters website. It is 1/32 scale so it's not "borrowed" from Tamiya. It certainly looks interesting, especially in that large scale.
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Count DeMoney
The initial release had the engine housings in clear, so I suspect they will just add a clear fuselage sprue.
Their new P-51B kit comes with both fuselage halves in clear and colored plastic.
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Dave Williams
I'll settle for having the 1/72 versions released tomorrow.
Oh... and while Trumpeter is in the mood for Brit jets, how about a Scimitar, Swift, Javelin and Buccaneer?
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Enzo Matrix
A Venom FB1 or 4 would be nice too. It need only be visible on the model shop shelf. Perhaps Xtrakit will make one to go with their Vampire FB5.
Gordon McLaughlin
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Gordon McLaughlin

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