Masking transparencies (a cautionary tale)

My Academy CH53 is on of those jinx kits where everything seems to go wrong. At least the latest episode was self inflicted. Spent quite some time masking off the transparent nose using tamiya tape, a new no.11 blade and a bright light to see whare I was going. Deceptively tricky, that CH53 nose. Anyway, finally got to lay down some Tamiya NATO black as a first coat last night. Left that to dry overnight, then set to with the two tone grey camo colours (as the Academy nose is split along panel lines, I thought I'd paint the whole thing and attach it as a last step). Paint went on well, and I left it a few hours to go off before demasking. The tape came away perfectly, with good, sharp, clean demarcation. My very own unique version of the CH53E now has crystal clear cockpit framing and flawlessly camouflaged glazed panels.

No, I don't know how I didn't spot that either. I used to lick the paint from toy cars as a child, ok?

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flak monkey
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Sounds like glue fumes* to me....

Jack G.

*glue fumes: The universal excuse for any mistakes.
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Jack G

Don't feel too bad about it. I've done the same thing on a number of occasions. Admittedly I haven't done it with a canopy - yet! - but I've lost count of the number of times I've removed the masking on an uppersurface disruptive camouflage scheme to find the colours transposed!

Am I correct in assuming that you are in the UK?

This might solve the problem of remving the paint from the canopy. .

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You can also get it at your local Woolies. There must be similar products available in other countries.

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Enzo Matrix

SWBO actually has one of those. Came free with some oven cleaner. It's similar to closed cell foam, but quite a bit stiffer, and it really does work. I'll pop out to the shed and try it later. Cheers for the heads up, I hadn't thought of using that.

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flak monkey

On Feb 20, 10:11=EF=BF=BDam, "flak monkey" wrot= e:

We need pictures :)

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on 2/20/2008 12:11 PM flak monkey said the following:

That's not as bad as me chewing the paint off the window sill when I was a kid.

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"Jack G" wrote in news:BYmdnfm1j5-I- SHanZ2dnUVZ


It really made me laugh, just before it hit me I did the same with a pair of Catalina Bulges.

Glue fumes indeed!!

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take a picture, nondigital, such that the negative is 1:1, and then use the negative for the window!

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