Tamiya Apint Lifting

I have tape lifting paint for the first time in...well, I can't remember the
last time. Gunze Mr. Surfacer as primer coat; 4 very light coats of Tamiya
semi-gloss black with each coat lightly sanded and buffed; paint thinned
with Tamiya thinner; left to dry for three days before masking; and the tape
doing the lifting is Tamiya tape. Not large ares but areas about the size
of a pinhead. It's driving me nuts!
Suggestions and observations welcomed.
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Art Murray
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Hi there.
I do not know why your Tamiya paint lifted but many years ago I had that problem *WHEN EVER* I tried to brush paint with it. It lifted no matter what colour I used or how carefully I prepped the surface to be painted. I had bought over $60 worth of Tamiya paints to do a series of ships I was building at that time. I took it all back to the store (including the unopened jars) but could not get an exchange or my money back. That was when I stoped using Tamiya acrylics.
Cheers from Peter
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Oil/water from the compressor, paint not stirred enough, bad paint batch, too much thinner, residue from sanding...
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Serge D. Grun
"too much thinner"
I did thin the paint for this kit much mote than I usually do. That may be the answer.
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Art Murray

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