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This is the POINTER to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on ship
modeling. The FAQ itself is longer posted (since September,
2001); only the HTML version is available, at:
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*This* POINTER is posted weekly. It goes to:
news:rec.models.scale, news:rec.models.rc.water, news:news.answers
and news:rec.answers .
Also HIGHLY recommended is the Ship Modeling Email List Server
(essentially an e-mail discussion group). To subscribe, go to:
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...and follow the instructions there.
The following three sites are especially useful to ship modelers!
"The Maritime History Virtual Archives": a GREAT!!! (and one of the
first!) WWW location, maintained by Lars Bruzelius (in Upsala,
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"The Information Seaway" (Clay Feldman's Seaways' Ships in Scale
page) is at:
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The Nautical Research Guild site is at:
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