Revell Midget kit molding

I am building the new KK Midget from Revell. I am really impressed with the molding. The lack of flash and the detail are astounding- I wonder what new technology they are using in the molds. The cylinder heads and intake manifold have "Edelbrock" logos molded in that I had to use the most powerful magnifying glass I've got to read, but they looked fine under that much magnification. It is as good as resin casting.

I'd like to see an article in one of the modeling mags on new molding technology. Like "slide molding". I think I have a vague idea of what it is, but sure would like to see a good article on new kit making technologies.

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Don Stauffer
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Basically "slide molding" uses multipiece molds (unlike the old and more common two-piece molds) in order to create a more three- dimensional representation of an object. With armor kits this usually includes sliding pins to create a hollow bore in machine guns and cannon barrels as well as exhausts and gunsights.

Cookie Sewell

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