2005 lofts

Hi All,

I really like the way they've enhanced the tangency control in surface lofts. Being able to put in extra connectors, and vary the weight of the curvature at those points, is also an excellent addition,,, If it worked consistently. Our I.D. guys are drooling over my shoulder, but I can't let them have it yet

I've been experimenting with this stuff, and I've discovered that no matter how perfect and symmetrical a surface is set up, it can still have unexplainable twists and wrinkles that can't be eliminated. I have this one case where I'm trying to loft between two existing closed (tubular, but curvy) surfaces, very similar to the "bird head" thingy in the whats new samples. One side is nice and smooth (mesh preview, another gem) while the other side takes a totally random serpentine path leaving wrinkles. Adding and manipulating connectors doesn't help.

The way this is set up, the surface "should be" smooth and symmetrical left to right, and top to bottom by default.

Anyone else seen this



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Could you post the problem part?

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