2009 boobed already?

Sheet metal part One base with two flanges.

The realview in 2008 and below, shows the brushed stainless, (brush lines), all going the same way. In 2009 it rotates on each surface 90 degrees!!!

ie:- vertical on the first face, horizontal on the second and back to vertical on the last face.

That is some brainy sheet metal, lol

Mad, Mad I tell yer!

Does anyone know how to set Bsi as the standard materials and not aisi, when selecting what material you want? Our support does not even have 2009 installed yet!!!


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Hmm. I have found a work around and that is to use the mapping option and select each face, in this case the first and second flange and apply, then select the base flange and apply.

This requires 2 operations as opposed to 1

DO we have to use Autodesk's products, (Photoworks is now Autodesks), to make something work, is this an improvement?

Photoview360 is crap so far and this is my first piece!, lol

Pain in the butt for more complicated parts though. Grrrrrrrr..........

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I don't use it, but its getting some good reviews over on the SWX forums.. Also there are some threads going about improvements and I think I saw something about a survey.. You might want to go voice your opinions over there too..

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PhotoWorks is not owned by AutoDesk. PhotoWorks rendering engine in Metal Ray , from Mental Images and Mental Images is owned by Nvidea.

My thoughts on PhotoView 360 and PhotoWorks can be found at my blog

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PV360 is a good product. Unfortunately for you it has limited ability when texturing and brushed metal is a texture :(

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Please keep in mind that PV 360 is still in Pre-release and we are aware of some of the mapping issues from SW RealView and are currently aiming at them to be resolved for release.

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I have to say sorry here, kinda!, lol

It seems that you CAN get the finish that I wanted :-D

BUT you have to remove all colours, (colors for the yankees here), and then re-apply them, then use the mapping tool to get grain direction showing correctly.

Wrong infomation received i think, BUT is can not be used in Solidworks, due to political reasons, that I do know. But thanks for the update.

Why are we using Beta, pre-release software in a professional product?? That is maddness, Solidworks is buggy enough, without adding more buggy software to it.

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