A full CAMWorks (Solidworks Based software) Tutorials

Hello, This post is about CAMWorks tutorials ... We've chosen this software because of its importance and its rareness on YouTube & Vimeo
So , I hope we together succeed in our goal , to quench our thirst to improve our career
The Youtube playist link is here :
http://goo.gl/pQ0flL This is Course Contents :- A-Turning 1-
1-1 Introduction -CAMWorks Interface (CAMWorks Tutorials)
1-2 Introduction -Process Overview (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-1 Turning - Introduction (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-2 Turning - Define the Machine (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-3 Turning- The Setup Tab (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-4 Turning - Define the Stock Bar Stock (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-5 Turning - Define the Stock Revolved Sketch (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-6 Turning - Define Features Automatically (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-7 Turning - Define Features Interactively (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-8 Turning -Generating an Operation Plan (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-9 Turning -Generating Toolpaths (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-10 Turning -Simulate Toolpaths (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-11 Turning -Tool Adjustments (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-12 Turning -Roughing Options (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-13 Turning -Finishing Options (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-14 Turning -Rough Grooving Options (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-15 Turning- Finish Grooving Options (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-16 Turning -NC Options (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-17 Turning-Lead In Lead Out Optins (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-18 Turning - Create Setup Sheets (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-19 Turning- Post Processing (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-20 Turning- Inserting Operations (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-21 Turning - Setting up a Chuck (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-1 Turning Exercise Part Exercise 1A (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-2 Turning Exercise - Part Exercise 1B (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-3 Turning Exercise - Part Exercise 1C (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-1 Turn Features - Face Feature (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-2 Turn Features - OD Feature (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-3 Turn Features - Grooves (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-4 Turn Features - ID Feature (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-5 Turn Features - Cutoff Feature (CAMWorks Tutorials)
I Hope I could help you in your engineering career , you can get the rest of solidworks and camworks videos by subscribing to my Youtube channel by clicking here: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=LostEliteGuy
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