The 2nd course of CAMWorks

Hello again friends ^_^
as I promised you last time : /#!topic/comp.cad.solidworks/LUikwr_i0EY
The second course and the more important part of CAMWorks Course , and it'll be about ( Milling ) operations
This software is very important for Mechanical & Production (Industrial) Engineers , and it concerns cutting operation , there're many other similar programs .. but this one is the easiest to use and handle
The first Part is already posted on our blog & Youtube , and you can view it from here :
the second part contains 54 videos that put together into a Youtube playist on our channel
and here you're the link of the Playist ;) :
Course Contents :- 1-1 Introduction - CAMWorks Interface (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
1-2 Introduction - Process Overview (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-1 Axis Milling -Introduction (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-2 Axis Milling - Define the Machine (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-3 Axis Milling- Define the Stock Bounding Box (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-4 Axis Milling- Define the Stock Sketch (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-5 Axis Milling - Automatic Features (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-6 Axis Milling- Interactive Features (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-7 Axis Milling -Generate Operations (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-8 Axis Milling - Program Zero (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-9 Axis Milling - Generate Toolpaths (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-10 Axis Milling- Simulate Toolpaths (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-11 Axis Milling- Reordering Operations (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-12 Axis Milling -Operation Parameters Tool Adjustments (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-13 Axis Milling - Operation Parameters Feeds and Speeds (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-14 Axis Milling - Adjusting Operations Roughing Options A (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-15 Axis Milling - Roughing Options B (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-16 Axis Milling -Adjusting Operations NC Parameters (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-17 Axis Milling - Feature Options (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-18 Axis Milling- Optimizing Toolpaths (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-19 Axis Milling - Contour Operations (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-20 Axis Milling - Creating Setup Sheets (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-21 Axis Milling -Post Processing Toolpaths (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-22 Axis Milling -Inserting Operations (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-23 Axis Milling-Sorting Operations (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-24 Axis Milling- Combining & Linking Operations (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-25 Axis Milling- Inserting Avoid Areas (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-26 Axis Milling- Inserting Contains (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-27 Axis Milling- Part Exercise IA (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-28 Axis Milling -Part Exercise IB (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
2-29 Axis Milling- Part Exercise IC (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-1 Axis Features- Introduction (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-2 Axis Features- Machinable Features (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-3 Axis Features-Face Feature (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-4 Axis Features - Pockets I (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-5 Axis Features -Pockets II (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-6 Axis Features- Pockets III (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-7 Axis Features-Bosses (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-8 Axis Features- Part Perimeters (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-9 Axis Features- Open Profiles (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-10 Axis Features- Slots (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-11 Axis Features- Holes (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-12 Axis Features- Linear Pattern Feature (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-13 Axis Features-Circular Pattern Feature (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
3-14 Axis Features - Engraving (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-1 Customizing CAMWorks - Introduction (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-2 Customizing CAMWorks-Adding Machines (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-3 Customizing CAMWorks- User Defined Strategies A (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-4 Customizing CAMWorks -User Defined Strategies B (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-5 Customizing CAMWorks - Adding Tools (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-6 Customizing CAMWorks- Setting Up ToolCribs (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-7 Customizing CAMWorks-Linking the Database (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-8 Customizing CAMWorks - Restoring the Database (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
4-9 Customizing CAMWorks- CAMWorks Options (Milling) (CAMWorks Tutorials)
I Hope I could help you in your engineering career , you can get the rest of solidworks and camworks videos by subscribing to my Youtube channel by clicking here :
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