One last time, for the last time, I hope

I went to the local welding supply store today. Got a refill of my Ar/CO2

80, and an awesome red with white polka dots Comeaux welding cap. ;-) (Why is it that men who do something as masculine as welding get turned on by those barf colored caps?)

Whilst there, I almost bought a Huntsman 951P welding hood. I asked the sales geek if the NexGen lens would fit in there, or if he knew anything about the necessity for a special spring.

He looked perplexed, so I just passed.

This is the deal. I have the NexGen in the Jackson helmet it came in. I don't like the fact the the Jackson doesn't hold the weight up very well and droops constantly. I have heard here that the Huntsman is far better at holding up the weight of that lens. I have also heard that it takes an additional special clip/spring to hold it in properly.

Will someone who knows please set me straight? I promise to save it this time to my welding archives until I make it to the shop again.



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Yes the Nexgen fits in the Huntsman 951P hood. You can call Jackson to have them send you the replacement retainer spring to hold the Nexgen in he 951P hood.

The normal spring kind of works, but you really need the other spring. I have had my Nexgen in a 951P for 2 years now. Great hood. Just expect to replace the headgear once a year.

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Ernie Leimkuhler


I've got my NexGen in the 951P hood, with the special clip. It seems like a pretty flimsy setup for an expensive lens. I've also had fogging problems since the change. I'm thinking about changing it back to the original hood.


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Robert Bender

Don't, just use an anti-fog lens cleaner on the inside lens.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

(Why is it that men who do something as masculine as welding get turned on by those barf colored caps?)

To get in touch with their softer, gentler, touchy-feely sides??

Har har,


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