Anyone have any example parametric assys that are easily customizable?

I came across a conveyor model that had an attached excel sheet inside of it. You enter certain values in the Excel sheet, the click a button, and the model gets updated.

Anyone have any other example assys for parametric design?

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SW Monkey
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I am interested in that type of models, especially conveyors. Do you have a link?


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New to SW

Couldn't you do the same thing with a SW design table if multiple sheets were allowed?

i.e. Design Table is in Sheet one. Custom interface is in sheet two. Changes to sheet two propogate to sheet one.

Thus, you could have a nice looking interface on sheet two that limits your selection of variables. Ok results in the parameters being checked in sheet one to see if they exist (this configuration has been designed all ready). If not it assigns a new number and design data row for the new configuration.

This can be done for parts and assemblies. I imagine creating new configurations within the context of an assembly would be more difficult.

Anybody use mulitple sheets in a design table this way before?


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formatting link

This is a SWW2005 presentation by one of our user group members that shows how to set up a "control panel" area inside a design table. The advantage of using that technique is that you can tailor the area to have a particular look & feel for the user that's inputting the numbers. It also lets you do data validation at the time of input. Included in the zip file are model files, the Excel file, and his PP presentation.


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Wayne Tiffany

Thanks Wayne, ill check it out.

Another question. Is it common to have alot of problems when upgrading SW to a new version? This happened to one of our other divisions that had 100s of equations driving their models. They have a website that a customer inputs data, and it automatically generates a SW 3D model. I believe it was SW 2001 Plus that caused them the headaches. They eventually got rid of most, if not all, equations in SW, and are using VB to handle that now.

Anyone else have issues with equations and upgrading? One of the things I like about handling this in Excel is the equation issue. Excel should have less problems with this, if you keep all of your dimensions driven by Excel based equations.

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SW Monkey

We tend to have many parametric relations driven by the configuration table. We have had issue with upgrades but the worst case is if you drive an equation based on a feature in another part. These do not upgrade! We have learned the hard way to keep things as simple as possible and that helps with upgrades. SolidWorks always talks about the power of the software, but it seems that the more you try to make use of the software tools, the more difficulty you have with upgrades. We are finally moving to upgrade to SW2006 after battles with these issues for three years on SW2003. Brad

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