Anyone have experience with the new AlienWare workstations ?

My company is looking into purchasing a new workstation to run
SolidWorks on. After pricing out the Dell, and then comparing a
comparably equiped Alienware, the AlienWare is significantly cheaper.
(AlienWare runs the AMD processor, rather than Intel).
Anyone have anything to say about AlienWare, or any recomendations?
I have an AlienWare laptop running SolidWorks, and love it, but that
was before they were bought out by Dell.
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Oh man, a chance to talk about hardware. Firstly, I've never been a fan of alienware's industrial design and what goes on inside can be matched or bested.
For what it's worth, after hearing and reading good things about
formatting link
I ordered up a new workstation laptop. All the good things I heard were true. Customer centered, real live people to talk to, focus on detail and quality, etc. This laptop is a real pleasure. I plan to have them quote my next round of desktop workstations when that day comes. They have a staggering amount of options in your choice of cpu, cooling, memory, raid levels, graphic cards, etc. You can build a crazy $$$ dream system if that's what you're into or a pretty incredible modest $$ system.
I highly recommend them alongside or over the bigger companies now, depending on what you're after. Dell and HP are both good systems but they sometimes suffer in price or options because of their size. I chose against a Dell 17" (M90) laptop because they are the only ones that don't include a keypad in that size. Hypersonic ended up saving me a bunch of money right off the bat and I was able to further control costs by handling the hard drive and memory myself. They still burn test the units but yank the components you didn't order before shipping. Pretty amazing stuff in this day. They seem to be hardcore enthusiasts.
Good luck,
- Eddy
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Eddy Hicks
I personally haven't purchased from Alienware. However, I know someone who did and found their customer support and service to be poor. The system as received didn't work.
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In a recent large-scale survey carried out by one of the well-known UK computer mags (PC Pro), Dell came out top for customer satisfaction.
John H
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John H

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