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Sir, We are giving following services in CAD/CAM. =B7 Solid Modeling [Jobs compatible for Solid Works.] , {Completed around 200 Nos of Jobs} =B7 CAD Conversion [AutoCAD Jobs.] , {Completed around 4000 Nos of Jobs} =B7 Reverse Engineering [Detail Drawing from Components.] , {Completed around 350 Nos of Jobs} =B7 Rapid Prototyping [Paper Model.] ,{Recently Started , 10 Nos have been completed} =B7 Product Design [Electrical/Electronics Assembly.], {Recently Started , 5 Nos have been completed} =B7 Tool Design [Injection mould, Press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures], {Recently Started , 20 Nos have been completed} =B7 Form Tool Profile [Lifted / Non - Lifted types], Completed around

300 Nos .} We have around 30 different Standard Mechanical components library ready for designing Jigs and Fixtures. This has reduced Solid Modeling time. Components are referred to PSG Data Book, Machine Tool Hand Book [CMTI], Machinery Handbook [ANSI Standard]. V Block, V Locator, Jig Button, Feet bolt, Feet Nut, Jig Feet Button, Locating Pin, Fixed Bush, Thumb Nuts, Star Hand Wheel, Collar Head Screw, Tommy Nut, Knurled Thumb Nut, Thumb Nut [Plane], Hand Nut, Locating Dog, Double Cam Leaver, Foot Mounted Motor, Flange Mounted Motor, Cast Iron Pulley, Mild Steel Pulley, T Bolt, T Slot Table, Gear, L Section, I Section, U Section, T Section, Geneva Mechanism, Ratchet and Pawl, Flywheel, Crank Shaft, Center Crank, Basic Rack, Worm Gear are ready with us. This will help you more flexibility to work with us. Regards, Mahesh Deshmukh
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