Bolt Hole Pattern?

I am trying to write a few bolt hole pattern programs. Lets say for
example, I wanted to write a program to drill 40 equally spaced
holes. Each point would be (in this example) .487 inch from the
center point. How would I go about writing this program? (right now
I use a dyna controller on an older machine that all I do is type in
the # of holes, and the .487 inch, and it figures out the bolt hole
pattern itself...but my new machine doesnt. Is there a function of
Solidworks where I can basically type in that 487 (or the radius) and
the # of repititions and it will create this file for me in NC format
or txt or whatever? If you have any questions or need me to clarify
or send photos/drawings of what I mean, please email me at
Thank you in advance
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You could do this with a spreadsheet program. Post a sample for your G- code or whatever and I could put something together for you.
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Tin Man
Im confused as to what you mean here about a spreadsheet program and what you want me to post. Let me explain a bit further as what I have now, and what I would need: I am using a Benchman 4000 with a 4 tool Automatic Tool Changer from Intelitek (Light MAchines Corp) that I am controlling from an ISA card in my computer (the card is a Baldor NextMove PC Controller) it is an 8 axis PC based motion controller. The program I am using to send the information is a Benchman 4000 program (I think thats what its called) and uses NC code programs with standard G and M codes. Right now the machine that I am running these bolt hole patterns in is a DynaMite Mill. It already has something in the control to make the bolt hole pattern. Below is the program that I send to the dyna machine, and it basically creates that bolt hole pattern. What I would need to figure out how to do, is how to write the NC program to do the same thing. 000 START INS 49 001 FR XY =30.0 002 FR Z =7.0 003 GOfY 2.6650 004 GOfX 2.8970 005 GOfZ 2.0500 006 SETUP >zcxyu 007 SPINDLE ON 008 BOLT PECK=00 009 ZH= 0.0000 010 ZD= 0.1400 011 XC= 0.0000 012 YC= 0.0000 013 a1= 10.000 014 n= 36 015 r= 0.4775 016 SPINDLE OFF 017 END NEWPART What the above program does is in lines 3,4 and 5 it sets the 0 point (in the machine I have I wouldnt really need to do that as it has the 0 point in there already), in line 10 it sets the z depth, in line 13 it takes 360/# of holes so what I THINK that is doing, is dividing it into the amount of degrees between each hole but Im not sure. In like 14 its the amount of holes (or the amount of times its repeating line 13). Line 15 is the radius (1/2 The inside diameter of the circle + 1/2 the width of the piece Im drilling into). Thats it. Thank you in advance Scott
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