Hole wizard and circular pattern best practice ?

When I create a Bolt Circle I use the hole wizard for the first hole and
then I use the Circular Pattern to create the rest of the holes. How do I
create the matching hole in a new part and keep the design intent of the
bolt circle?What is the best way? Is there a way to "copy" the circular
pattern with out the use of equations?
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Nathan Feculak
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Nathan- You can put your holes in context with the "first holes". In an assembly, edit part on the part you want to add holes to, then go into hole wizard and select your hole and what not, then when you add the points, just hover over the edge of the "first holes" and a center point will show up. Click a point on the center point and your holes will always be concentric with the "first holes". Do this for all the holes. However this does not satisfy your intent of the bolt circle.
To do it with a bolt circle, you could add the holes into the mating part, create a circle pattern and then select the same axis that you did for the "first holes", this would require doing it in an assembly, in context. Your lead hole would have to be dimensioned in such a way that it would put the lead hole of your second part concentric with a hole in your "first holes".
I would suggest doing it the first way. This way your second holes would *always* be concentric with your "first holes" You would not have to change dimensions in both parts the second holes would always follow the "first holes".
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