Question about Sheetmetal dxf exports macro Mark Reimer wrote.

First, thanks for the macro. You sent it to me months ago, and its
been working great.
One question, how can I get the macro to prompt me that a file is
getting ready to be overwritten? If I export a dxf called, "9032.dxf"
to a specified folder, and theres already a file called "9032.dxf",
the macro will overwrite the file without prompting you.
Theres probably an easy way to do this, but im not sure.
Any help appreciated.
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SW Monkey
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Probably ;-)
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I can't see any "SaveAs" or other command to save the .dxf in this macro. It is probably in a Form attached to it. Send me the macro and I'll have a look.
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Philippe Guglielmetti

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