Macro Export Flat DXF Pattern

After spending much of yesterday searching thru the web for a macro to export a Flat Pattern from a drawing, I have got to the stage of asking for help. I need a macro that will automate a proses for me. The proses is as follows.

  1. From within a part I need to make a Drawing of a part with the drawing name being that of the config name
  2. Drawing needs to have 2 sheets. Sheet 1 has 4 views of the part and sheet 2 has a 1:1 flat pattern of the part.
  3. I need the drawing to be able to save itself to the same dir as the original part and also save the DXF as in the same dir with the name of the config part.

I no that I am asking alot but I am quite new to this program and don't no to much about API or MACROS. All I'm after is a good starting point, maybe some examples or if by chance someone has needed the same and it's all been done before, then a push in the right direction.

Damian Gillespie

---------------------------- Couray Sheetmetal

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