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Can anyone suggest some material or sites which can help me in designing cable assemblies in Solidworks 2005.What are the minimum requirements for that?

We have designed a electro-mechanical housing which consists of two layers.To transfer signals from one layer to another and from one component to another cables are used.I would like to simulate those in solidworks.Complete assembly is ready except cabling....

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Solidworks Routing may address your needs. It is an add on from Solidworks that you can purchase. My experience with routing has been limited and not all to gether positive. I did a 30 day evaluation using SW2005 and found that it was unable to handle the complex harnesses we use behind the instrument panel of the aircraft we are designing. The major drawback was being able to document shielding and shield terminations. There were also stability issues. The work arounds were not much better than physically modeling the harnesses using 3Dsplines which I am still doing. My understanding is that some of the stability issues have been improved but shielding and other complexe cable requirements still have not been addressed. It would seem that from your description of what you need to do, it may work adaquately for you. There are certainly features of the routing add-on that can simplify harness design and wire routing.

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