Converting SolidWorks VBA Forms to Visual Basic.NET Forms

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has had some experience with this that they
may be able to share.
I have moved VBA forms into VB6 before without any problems, but
VB.NET does not seem to recognise the frm or the frx files.
I am a novice at VB.NET so I'm hoping that I may be missing something.
I'm using SolidWorks 2003 & VB.NET Standard 2003.
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VB.NET is definitely a new language, not just a new version of VB6 / VBA. VB.NET has a wizard to import VB6 project, which should more or less convert your project. FYI, why I didn't move to .NET : 1) incompatible VB language : no more possible to cut/paste code from macros to add-in project 2) distribution requires Framework (17 Mb) installed on customer machines 3) addins cannot be loaded by SW2001+ users 4) all VB.NET brings you is a "real" object-oriented language. Use C++ instead. 5) simpler, smaller, free alternatives : Java, Python ...
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Philippe Guglielmetti
VBA uses VB6 type forms. Therefore, I would suggest importing your forms into a VB6 project. Then, open the VB6 project in .NET. I think the problem is that .NET doesn't convert individual forms, but instead works at the project level.
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Evan T. Basalik
Yes, as Evan mentioned, the converter works at a project level.
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-- Bob Hanson - MCP Centare Group, Ltd. - Custom Software and Systems Integration Specialists
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Robert Hanson
Thanks Everyone for the advice. I tried importing the project to VB6 and then to .NET using the upgrade tool, but the process would not upgrade the form because it had active x components on it. It apears that .NET does not support active x components in any way. Pretty bloody poor in my opinion. I made the naive assumption that it would be as easy bringing the project from VBA to .NET as it was to VB6. Time to start from scratch again. Thanks again, Shane
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You can import the ActiveX control into the .Net toolbox for use on .Net forms. RMB Toolbox, pick Customize Toolbox. On the COM tab of the dialog that comes up, pick your ActiveX, and the control should be made available for use in your .Net project. It's better than working totally from scratch!
------------------------------- Brenda D. Bosley Centare Group, Ltd.
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Brenda D. Bosley

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