cosmetic threads not parametric

I just made a revision to a mold design where the customer wanted to
increase the rail height. This was easy enough to do and the model up-dated
brilliantly. I needed to change a few configurations for some things, but no
problem there either.
EXCEPT when I opened the drawing. I had already inserted cosmetic threads
to my section views, and now they were all out of position for the part of
the mold which was stretched out. I have been unable to get them to up-date.
They seem to just be where they were originally when I inserted them and
that is it. I can hide them, but now I cannot bring them back.
Anybody else seen this? Has it always been this way?? I don't seem to recall
ever noticing it before and this is not the first time I ever needed to
change a rail height.
Of course if I were an ACAD user I could use a SW product to up-date any
version of one of my old dwg files. Seems that if I am a long time use of
the 3-d software, though, I have to live with bogus regressions on an almost
daily basis. Guess they don't care about me anymore-they already have my
SometimesWorks 2005, sp01.1 on an amd 3400+, 2 gb , nvidia xgl 1100 , Win2K
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