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When creating a custom standard (metric tapped holes) Solidworks insists on having all cells filled with data. Does anyone know what the "series" cell represents for metric tapped holes? Why does Solidworks have this cell empty (metric tap drills) in the default standard?

It only took me about an hour of reading the same damn warning message before I realized the warning message was referring to the "series" cell being empty!


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Not sure, but:

The "fine" series differs from the "standard" M thread (or coarse) by the fact that you tell the pitch of the thread.


M20 is the std ( pitch 2,5), unique. M20 x 1.5 is one fine thread (pitch 1,5). You can find M20 x 1, M20 x 1.5 , M20 x 2

Maybe that's the source of your pb.


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