Working mainly on European designs I'm used to metric dimensioning but out
of the blue comes this work from the US. However, working in Imperial is OK
its just the dimensions that are the problem. These guys want the dimensions
in fractions (its like being in a time warp but it pays the rent). Is there
a way of making the fraction part of the dimension smaller that the whole
number - e.g.. to stop eleven sixteenths looking like one and one sixteenth.
The customer uses SW 2004 so I'm using SW2004 SP4.1 for this project.
Is what I need here possible (why do I have the feeling it's not!)
Thanks .... Roger
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It is, Document Properties - Units - Inches (tick the Fractions Box). It would probably worth while making some Imperial templates as it's a PITA having to change this setting for every document. Watch the rounding up/down of the fractions or your gonna hit trouble. Long time since i've worked in Imperial but it should be fun (:.
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Brian Lawson
Alphadraw, missread your post so please disregard, Monday morning blues.
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Brian Lawson
The only thing I know of to do is try different fonts. Roman D is usable, but still has the possibility of misreading.
Unfortunately, some people still feel fractions are more useful than decimal.
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Wayne Tiffany
It is amazing what some people consider usefull units. I work with some welders and pipefitters who complain when my drawings are in inches; they want feet, inches and fractions! Every dimension needs 3 different conversions to be useful. I end up designing in decimal inches, then use dual units and dimension in inches and fractions, and in feet/inches/fractions. Boy do I miss using SI units!
Jeff Carson City, NV
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Jeff, Deanna, Morgan & Delaney Fine

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