Do employers respect the CSWP exam?

Just a general question. How much respect
do companies give to the CSWP exam?
Is it worth the effort to study for it?
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Prob'ly depends on who is actually making the hire decision as to whether it's worth much. Your average engineering manager is going to be looking at other things first, and probably is going to presume that any idiot can learn to drive the software. Personally, if it was $100 I'd go for it . . . but it ain't $100.
Dennis wrote:
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Speaking as both the chief engineer and engineering manager, all I'd look for is any 3D parametric modeler experience. General design experience and personality are most important. Exams often don't prove anything but patience.
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Mickey Reilley
It has made it easier for me to get my foot in the door having my CSWP Cert. It has also helped me get some respect, but that depends on the person you talk too.
Regards, Scott
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