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Just wanted to share this with the whole group. I've been exporting
sheet metal flat patterns out to dxf, (into ACAD 2000LT) from SW since
'99 and never had seen this. This tip, using "edit/copy to dwgeditor"
saves a bunch of steps, and is making me drop ACAD for dwgeditor.
formatting link

Thanks Ricky!
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Nice tip. Thanks.
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SW Monkey
I just tried this tip and could not get it to work....?
I opened an existing drawing , selected a view (which had annotations and dimensions) and selected Edit/Copy to Drawing Editor. At this point I got a pop-up to inform me that One or more drawing views are scaled differently and that some dimensions will appear out of scale on target system. Now ... toggle over to Drawing Editor and Edit/Paste... DWGeditor message... Clipboard data is in-valid or unavailable. The Paste operation was not performed.
SW2006 SP4.1 DWGeditor 2006 SP0.0
What do you think????
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Pats Fan
Hi guys,
Thanks for the kudos. I'm glad the tip was useful.
Pats Fan - My first guess on the problem you are having would be if your Drawing Views are scaled down or up (not 1:1) and the annotations are set to a specific height (I guess you could say they were "full scale"). So, I decided to test it. I created two views of a connector that were both scaled 4:1. I then added dimensions and annotations to each view at a standard text height of 0.125". In my test I selected both views and copied them to DWGeditor and they pasted perfectly as expected. With this test I see two possibilities: Either this function doesn't work the same in SW2006, or there may be some annotation in your view that is causing it to fail. (Not your fault - software glitch) So far, I have been using this function to convert views without text or dimensions.
I would like to investigate this further with the file set you are having problems with. Go to my blog
formatting link
and click the "E-mail" link next to my photo. If the files aren't over 6 megs, you should be able to send them to me. If they are larger than 6 megs, e-mail me and we will figure out a way to get them delivered.
Thanks again guys for reading my blog.
Best Regards,
Ricky Jordan CSWP Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville, AL
Pats Fan wrote:
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Ricky Jordan

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