ACAD to SW handy tip

If you are planning on opening a DWG file with SW to bring some of it into a
SW part, then you can probably save some time with this tip. While still in
ACAD, move whatever it is that you are going to want by selecting it and
positioning your desired point at 0,0. Then select it, Ctrl-C to copy it to
the clipboard, open a sketch in a SW file, and paste in the stuff on the
clipboard. Since you moved it in ACAD, it will drop into the SW sketch with
your selected point at the origin, rather than out in space somewhere. Most
of the time this will probably be faster than moving it later in SW.
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Wayne Tiffany
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Good One.
Its a lot easier to move in AutoCAD than to open in SW --> convert to part -->Move sketch to origin.
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