Controlling where copied Sketches go

Thanks for all who helped me move my sketch within the sketch. That was
great. The reason that I needed this help was because I was copying and
pasting a sketch into another sketch. I needed a sketch from later in
the history of my part to be pasted into the sketch that I used to begin
the part. When I copied and pasted it, it turned around 180 degrees and
moved in relationship to the origin. I don't seem to see any way to
control the location of my sketch when I do the copy and paste. Does
anybody know how to do it? Again this is SW 2003
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J & J
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In the past, when bringing in an Autocad sketch, I always edit the Acad sketch first and put a corner (or the center of a circle) at the Acad origin (0,0). Then when you open it up in SW, that point goes to the SW origin. Not sure exactly what happens on a cut and paste, but you could experiment with this. You might even be able to edit the Acad sketch, and instead of putting a corner on the origin, put it a known distance away from the origin, then when you bring it into SW, maybe it will fall where you want.....again, not sure about this, but a little trial and error should prove whether this technique is useful.
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Rick Sink
If you copy the entire sketch from outside a sketch, and then place it using the feature manager to select a plane, it should line up the same as the original.
Part of the problem with flipping 180 deg is that it depends on whether it is coming from/to a plane or a flat face. Each plane / face has a normal vector. If you sketch a rectangle on the front (XY)plane and extrude in the default direction (positive Z), the XY plane has a normal that goes in positive Z, but the face on the XY has a normal that goes in negative Z. If you move a sketch from the XY plane to the face that is on the XY plane, the sketch will flip because of the difference in the normals.
If you're lazy, you can flip the sketch by changing it from XY to face to XY to face again.
Or you could just use the Modify Sketch tool which allows you to move, rotate, mirror and scale sketches.
good luck.
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Have you ever tried convert entities. I know that this isn't always possible whith the description it may have been. Start a new sketch and select the old sketch hit convert entities. This will tie the sketches together yet they can be on different planes. The only problem is if you have to move them to a rotated plane or surface or have them offset.
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Corey Scheich

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