external and internal threads

Does anybody know about they way to create external thread to a
cylinder and internal threads to nut in solidworks 2003. if some body
can send me the solid part files for external threaded cylinder and
internal threaded nut as an example, please let me know. Cheers and
Good time S Minhas
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Sweep along a helix is the best solution for this geometry.
Check out 3D content central for examples, do not have any 2003 files.
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As Jeff says you can use a sweep along helical path to get the geometry. Then maybe use a cavity feature in the assembly create matching geometry on nut. But performance will be pretty miserable because generating helical sweep cuts is tough on SW. If this is a one off thing then go for it, but generating threads is best left to cosmetic for performance reasons.
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Mr. Who
I would be inclined to build the nut from scratch, rather than using the cavity feature. Cavity is one of the less reliable and more fussy of SW features. It will also give you a nut with no clearance to the external thread, which is not the way real internal threads are usually done.
If you really must make a real thread, don't make it one long helix. Make a short helix, say one pitch, and pattern it. Saves a lot of rebuild time.
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems "take the garbage out, dear"
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Jerry Steiger
I cannot help you with files that version 2003 would be able to read , however I have created a step by step outline of the basic threading procedure, in the .doc format, made up of about 15 steps, that you are more than welcome to if you want it. It is designed to be understood by Newbies such as ourselves. It is for a hex head bolt, with a machine cut SAE thread. It follows that the basic principles included in this outline will apply for the drawing of the internal thread as well, you will have to refer to SAE charts regarding acceptable thread clearances and thread classes. A "Machinery Handbook" will provide this information. E-mail me and I will be more than happy to send you the .doc file. I will also send you pictures in the .jpg format of the cut threads.
Good luck, G. De Angelis
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