help with an extrude...plz

This is a piston seal that is similar to a notch seal. However, the notches
on this one are only along the upper half of the seal (towards the outside
diameter). I have drawn the notch using an extrude. Then I put fillets on it
to prevent sharp edges. However, I do not want the .25mm fillet to wrap
around to the interior of the notch. I would prefer to continue the angle
that extends from the center of the part, straight out to the interior
corner of the notch that has the .1 mm fillet.
My problem is that this would be a feature of the notch or extrude only, and
not part of the original sketch that I revolved to make the cross
section....and that I can't figure out how to draw this.
any ideas?
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Thanks in advance,
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turn tangent propogation off and select the three edges you want to be filleted.
Corey Scheich
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Corey Scheich

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