Hole wizard countersink incorrect?

We used the hole wizard to create countersunk holes for 8-32 cross
recessed flat head screws. Parts were CNC machined and, surprisingly,
the screws don't sit flush!
Checking back on the model, the countersink is created with a 100
degree angle. Our Engineers Handbook says the standard for such
screws is 80 / 82 degrees.
Anyone else ever had this problem?
What other nasties are out there?
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No nasties- you have the option in the hole wizard for 82 or 100 degree C'sink, the angle is in (82) or (100) format. Take a closer look at the manager
Mike Eckstein
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Michael Eckstein
I checked and you're right (of course). Thanks. Now to get some 100 degree screws...
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Hole wizard gives lots of options sometimes people don't take care to choose the correct ones.
In your case from the "Type:" pull down menu,"Flat Head Screw (100)" was chosen when "Flat Head Screw (82)" was the correct choice.
Lots where ever people are involved.
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Sorry, I agree with the orginal post. Why would anyone set up the default to something weird?
Another issue - standard fine thread is 1-14 -- try getting a 1-12 as the wizard suggests (even more bizzare, so does the machinery handbook). .
The usefulness of this feature is that you don;t have to look stuff up (after all its mostly correct) or draw it.
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100 degree flat head screws are not weird, they are quite common in many industries.
1"-12 pitch is the UNF "standard"
formatting link
Easy if you look for aerospace hardware, not so easy if you go to McMaster Carr.
Hole wizard is a very powerful tool, if you ever used earlier versions of SolidWorks without the hole wizard (me) you can really appreciate it.
What this discussion points out is not SolidWorks Hole Wizard problems but how many variations of "Standards" there are out there that vary from industry to industry for threads and hardware.
There are a lot of options and functionality in the Hole Wizard because there has to be. We just have to make sure we click and choose the right ones.
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100 deg is the NAS and MS standard for countersink. Some of us use it everyday. You can find 100 deg countersunk screws from any aircraft hardware supplier as well as general hardware company the sells to the military or aerospace industry.
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It just so happens I ran across a inconsistency with 1" UNF specs today. I specified a 1-12 UNF and Fastenal replied there was no such animal. My old slide screw and nut calculator said 12 tpi, SW popped in a 12, but Fastenal, McMaster and Reid all say 14 tpi. The funny part about the SW is if one uses hole wizard, it's a 1-14, but toolbox has no 1-14 threaded fasteners. I'm using SW2K7 SP2.0.
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Keith Streich
Threads and threading is a pet peeve of mine since that is where I started in this business.
Finding knowledgeable sources where threads and threading is concerned is hit or miss. Seems Fastenal, McMaster and Reid are a miss. I hope when you say Reid it is a seller of hardware and not Reid the Thread Rolling Company.
Looking at Machinery's Handbook an older version (21)
They have this for a 1" thread;
1-8 UNC 1-10 UNS 1-12 UNF 1-14 UNS 1-16 UN 1-18 UNS 1-20 UNEF 1-24 UNS 1-27 UNS 1-28 UN 1-32 UN
Then there is the little note on the bottom;
"Use UNS threads only if Standard Series do not meet requirements."
So it seems 1"-14 is NOT the standard......go figure.
I hadn't known about their being no 1-14 threaded fasteners in toolbox. You can bad mouth "toolbox" but leave the "hole wizard" out of it.......LOL.
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