Laptop System equirements for SW

Awl --
I'm looking for a laptop that will run SW, trying to avoid super-pricey.
According to
formatting link

I'd be best off cost-wise/ram-wise with regular XP Pro, 32 bit.
But then there is a note that support for this is ending.
Also, Windows 7 is the Pro, Ultimate, or Enterprise versions, not the
premium offered on most laptops.
So what's the most economical way to go, for a new laptop purchase, that
will run SW?
I won't be doing fancy stuff, just run of the mill parts for a VMC or
lathe. cam is not necessary.
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First, figure out how much you want to spend.. then go from there..
You would be better off with a newer arch processor (the i# family) or at least the core 2 duo/quads at the highest clock speed you can afford, A decent amount of ram (max the bitch out) and a decent video card..
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It's not going to be just the OS that's the gotcha, it's the graphics chipset. There is no laptop out there that will let you swap graphics chips, what you get is what you're going to use, or not. So shop to see what's in there for graphics and what the software wants. Then buy. Chances are you're going to be 3/4 of the way to the grand mark or more, nVidia and ATI chips in laptops are put into the higher-end ones. If it were a desktop, you could probably assemble one for a lot less than that. Upside is that the higher-end laptops are more likely to be running 64-bit OS versions. Low-end laptops have integrated graphics using system memory, usually Intel chipsets do that. Multi- core processors will definitely put you over a grand.
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As others have said...your budget is the driving factor. I can see support for XP is not going to be around in a couple of years...I would of never guessed a few years ago how fast things are migrating to 64bit OS's. Go with the Pro version of windows 7....from what I gather its missing some of the eye candy that you would likely disable anyway. (for performance reasons)
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