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I've been emailing and FTPing files and assemblies a lot lately and want to
make the files as small as possible. I currently use Unfrag which works
well. Is there a defragging/file compacting utility out there that has a
more modern Windows find file dialog? One that will remember the last
folder used for example, or is there something about the way the utility
works that makes that impossible? It's annoying to have to keep navigating
deep into that explorer tree every time I use Unfrag.
Thanks for pointers.
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Dave Van
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Look up ECOsqueeze. I don't remember if it remembers the last directory, but it does more than UnFrag can do to SW files.
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Dale Dunn
I use the same program many, many times a day. But I have found a quick way to prevent navigating to the folder like you describe.
I generally do my work from a Windows Explorer window by double clicking files to open them in SW. With that being said, if I want to Unfrag a folder that I am working in, I simply highlight the address in the Windows Explorer address bar, ctrl-c (copy), paste it (ctrl-v) in the Unfrag folder line, and hit the spacebar (or unfrag button).
Hope that helps speed things up.
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Seth Renigar
It does remember the last directory and it does have more useful tools to boot. Thanks very much!
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Dave Van
Just remember that when removing the parasolid data, you should ctrl-q or sometimes you'll get cherries with mate/link information. Also, I've noticed that if you use the new color/textures they may get striped.
Otherwise, I use it all the time, great utility!
Dave Van wrote:
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Paul Salvador
If you only want to email and ftp use Winzip, it makes much smaller files than the others mentioned in this thread, the only advantage you have with Ecosqueeze is that Solidworks can read the file directly, this probably is not a concern for e mailed files as most people use Winzip.
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After using ECOsqueeze you can also use WinZip and it makes them even smaller again.
Merry :-)
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Merry Owen

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