merge tool?

Does anyone know of a tool in SW that will allow me to take two parts
and merge them into one part file?
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Larry Jedik
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Look in "Help" under "Join" or if you are working with multiple bodies in the same part check "Combine"
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Michael Eckstein
You could add the parts to an assembly Mate them as desired and then save the assembly as a single part. The Part will have 2 Dumb bodies though.
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Corey Scheich
If you have two parts open the first one, then go to the main menu in "Insert" followed by "Part" and then choose the second part. You will be able to rotate and translate the second part to the desired place relative to the first part. However, the new part file will have a reference to the second part. So if you don't break the reference, you will need to keep the second part so the new part file works correctly. The good news is that you can break the reference, by listing the references with RMB on the feature and then click on "break all", that way you won't need to keep your second part. Hope it helps.
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If you have 2003 or later you can always 'Save As...' a part this gives you the option to remove the internal details. This is a great way to distrubute your product to other users but you don't want them to have any of the original design intelligence. e.g. you make valves and you want to post some accurate looking parts that other drafties can download to put into their plant design.
Merry :-)
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Merry Owen

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