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With the inclusions of mulit-bodies, we got the inclusion of merged results. (if I am not mistaken) My question is, if I leave the merge bodies unchecked on two touching bodies, are they kinda just floating there? I could just go in later and combine them as one body, but I am not sure if I seeing where it would be necessary to do that.

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Arthur Y-S
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I see multi bodies as a construction tool, not a way to represent a "single" component. The results of your design should represent the real world, one component=single body. This is also very important when it comes to manufacturing. It could be problematic with regards to mold design. Also, some CAM systems don't handle multiple bodies in a single part well. This is especially true if your using IGES for data exchange.



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For fabricated parts I'd prefer not to merge mostly because the drawings show lines where the lines oughta be. This is an improvement in my opinion, but I sure would like to be able to patten and mirror those unmerged parts.

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Cam Jackson

I think you can pattern and mirror bodies, in the mirror options diaglouge, there is a pick list for bodies so you can select the bodeis you want to pattern or mirror.


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Lee Bazalgette

Until SW came out with multi-body support your only choice when building a part was to work with an entirely merged part. With a few exceptions you should always end up with a fully merged part when done modeling.

Multibodies allows the freedom for the user to sequence the creation of fillets, Loft between bodies with tangency, do boolean operations, etc.

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Personally, I prefer only to use features such as merged bodies, multi bodies and combine as a last resort.

As a freelance designer I occasionally inherit models that have been created by "self taught" solidworks pilots, in many cases these are fine, however, on a number of occasions merged bodies, multi bodies, combine and cavity have all been used when other modelling techniques would have produced less flaky models.


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Kev Parkin

You're right Lee. I had a chat to SWX support today and they told me how to do it. I wasn't looking at all the options when making a patten or mirror and should've flicked out the bodies option.

Now I'm a happy camper!


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Cam Jackson

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