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I want a motor to drive a wheelset along a railtrack in SW 08 sp3.
I have read the help and tutorial on motors but I still don't know:-
1) Should component/direction field specify the axis of the wheelset?
2) Should Reference Point field specify the track?
3) Should location of motor be the axis of the wheelset?
4) Does it matter if the wheelset is just the two rims without any structure
between them? (they hang together in space OK)
5) If Rack & Pinion mate between wheel & rail is not appropriate, then what is?
6) Is Animation Wizard of any use for this task?
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any structure
te, then what is?
I don't think this is possible with a Physical Simulation. You can only add one motor to the moving part and You would need two; one to turn the wheels and one to pull the axles forward. As far as I know You can't connect the wheels to the rail and make it move forward by rotating.
Rack and pinion assumes that the axle is fixed and that, as in this case, the rail is moving.
One way would be to add a motor to the axle to make the wheels rotate and then manually move the axle forward as far as it goes/revolution
There is another way though...with equations and rebuild. Go to this site and download "Curv Driven Animation" to see how it's done.
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Cheers // Krister
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