nVidia FX 500 question

An engineer just upgraded his system to a Dell with the FX 500 card
replacing basically the same system that had a Quadro Pro (replace computer
and monitor). Now he has RealView, but is also experiencing jagged lines in
his displayed parts and assemblies. All settings are turned up to the max
(image quality stuff), everything is fully resolved. The old system
exhibited very smooth edges in parts and assemblies, but this one doesn't.
Any ideas?
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Richard Doyle
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Go To "Tools>Options>Display/Selection" and uncheck "Anti-alias edges"
Dave H
Richard Doyle wrote:
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Dave H
Slip the Quadro into it and see if the problem goes away. This would prove it's the card and not something else on the new machine. Even though the machine should be "identical" they aren't really.
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Wayne Tiffany

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