PhotoWorks Contest August Winner

Congratulations to Dominik Kirschner on winning the August Photoworks Contest. The voting was very close the first few days but Dominik began to pull away toward the end of the week. To see Dominik's winning image visit

formatting link
. While your there download the September model and give the contest a try.

Also, I'm thinking of creating a screen saver featuring all of the PhotoWorks Contest winning images. The screen saver would be available for free at my website. Does this interest anyone?

Thanks to all who submitted an entry and voted.

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Rob Rodriguez
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Of course, congratulations to all. I personally really dug Jason Pancoasts entry for its creative interpretation of the model, and of course for the 'how exactly did he pull that one off' element (makes me come up with theories).

Thanks again to Rob for creating this forum for folks to show and share their PWx chops. Ed

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Hi Ed,

I also thought Jason's image was very creative. Before voting started I bet he would be the overall winner, good thing I don't do a lot of gambling.

Jason may chime in here but in my conversations with him the repelling person was easy to create. He googled an image from the internet of a person repelling. He then inserted the picture into SW and traced the outline to create some "dummy" geometry. Then he modeled the rope. He applied material to the rope and his repelling image as a decal to the "dummy" geometry to achieve what we see now.

It really came out well, NICE job Jason.


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Rob Rodriguez

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