May PhotoWorks Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Jan Herud for winning the May PhotoWorks Contest. To view Jan's rendering go to

formatting link
While you're there download the model for the June PhotoWorks contest.

Thanks to all those that submitted an entry and voted.

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Rob Rodriguez
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Yes, congratulations Jan, a very classy entry. I particularly liked the yellow plastic material used on the lighter body. Plus large amounts of respect are due to Rob Rodriguez for taking the time to run the competition. Can I make a personal plea: I'm still a learner driver where Photoworks is concerned, but I'd like to become good enough to make a regular appearance in Rob's competition (or worst case use Pwx for work ), could I ask the entrants past and present to maybe briefly run through how their scenes where constructed?

Keith Kerwin

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I'm glad the winner depicted a flame. Could we get a description of how he did that and why he chose the method he chose? It looks like a point light and some nicely shaped but flat surfaces.

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I'm glad you asked the question ont he first day of the contest voting.

I'll see if Jan can provide a description of his process or the SW / PhotoWorks file.

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Rock Guy

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