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>>Anyone want to know what the toolpath surfacing routines >>for VX 5 axis simultaneous milling are ? :>) >> >>"The Virus" keeps claiming, because he is to lazy to download >>VX and read the help manual, that VX can't do 5 axis >>simultaneous milling. This is typical of "The Virus" and as >>per usual is pretty funny because "The Virus" is always >>claiming someone has a reading comprehension problem. Most >>often, as many of us know all to well, it's really "The Virus" who has >>a problem with reading comprehension. :>) >> >>Please note that I don't (at present) do 5 axis simultaneous >>milling so the best I can do is cut and paste what is in the >>VX on-line help manual. Even so, this is a step above "The >>Virus's" lies, and general mis-information about what VX, >>myself, etc. can do. > > > > Feel free to explain why it has no simultaneous 5 axes > milling, no posts for any such, no claims in it's ads > that it does, etc .

tsk, tsk, tsk Cliffy... Basing your lack of knowledge on ads and press releases now are we? Now, why not stfu before you look like a bigger fool. Yes VX has simultaneous 5 axis routines. Yes the post processor costs extra.

Get a clue cliffy.

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Steve Mackay
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So do you know for sure whether it supports multax or not ???

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"Yes the post processor costs extra. "

Correct, this is very typical in the industry. For simple, 3 axis machines, most people can custom make their own post processor quite easily with the machine's documentation. Where it gets tricky is the 5 axis machines, with vaious coolants, tool changers, etc...

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