Resizing BOM?

Is there a way to get the 'new' BOM to use less real estate on the
sheet? I tried using a smaller font, but it seems there is still a lot
of unnecessary 'white-space' in the BOM.
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You can resize it yourself - just grab the edges and pull.
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Wayne Tiffany
I've done all the pulling it'll allow, then it stops.
I found that under 'Options'> Document Properties> Detailing> Annotations Font> Tables, under Height is 'Units' and 'Space', space has some effect on the 'white-space' but I'd like to squeeze it down some more. I have it set to .0001 right now.
Row height doesn't seem to compress itself very well either, I have some with Descriptions that are somewhat long, if I drag the column narrow enough that these fields jump to two rows high, the row height will not switch back to single if I stretch the column width back.
I was able to reduce the overall size by about a third, but theres still a lot of wasted space, such as the qty. column, I could easily have the entire word "QUANTITY" spelled out in the space provided, space I can't shrink any further.
Wayne Tiffany wrote:
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I have my VAR working on this very problem. If I go to the top of the column, select it, r-click-format-column width-set it-then save template, the new width does not stick when I put the B/M back on the drawing.
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You are pushing SolidWaste beyond it's design limits!
The programmers only designed the software to deal with about 10 parts in a assembly. Anything beyond that and the software slows way down and the BOM will no longer fit in the sheets.
They made it so the BOM's framing is so honken big and waste so much space, that you will be forced to limit your assembly sizes. It's all part of the plan.
Don't worry though, it will all be better in 2006 once they add the spell checker!
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slepp ckecher, woohoo! ;o)
abc wrote:
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