Solidworks program accessing stored E-mail address? Virus?

I am using the personal learning edition on Win 2000 Pro. A few times
now, when I start the program I get a warning box; "A program is
trying to access E-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you
want to allow this?"
Of course, that is typical behavior for virus, but since it has only
come up when I had Solidworks up I don't know for sure.
Any explanation? I'm saying "no" until I know for sure it is OK
Joe Dunfee
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Just a guess, go to Tools/Options and check to see if you have "Enable performance email" checked. If so, try unchecking it. What that option does is send information back to SW in the form of an email so they can add it to a database that looks at how much of the time people spend doing certain tasks, such as creating drawings, adding mates, creating parts, etc. I don't think it's user specific and I have mine turned on.
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Wayne Tiffany
'course, i don't use MSLookOUT!, so it doesn't work for me.
Thunderbird all the way!
is there a reason they couldn't have a little script to create and send an email rather than accessing LookOUT!? Even add an options page where you can enter a SMTP server.
--nick e.
Wayne Tiffany quipped:
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Nick E.
Yep, that was it. It is a nice feature, but certainly could be more informative to the user.
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