SolidWorks Student vs. SolidWorks Pro.


I am going to study Mechanical Engineering next year in Germany.

Now I want to use this time meaningfully and starts learn to use Solid Works.

I have the decision between Solid Works student (91?) and professional (a lot of more money).

Have I all important functions in the study-version (tutorial, eDrawing, etc)?

Thank you,

Daniel Hemmerling, Cologne Germany

P.S. Found right writing errors may be kept

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Daniel Hemmerling
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Hello towarts you Daniel,

Get for youself the version for the student if you only are for to learn. For paying too much to simple learn, the profesion version you are no to need.

But for a legalgitimate copy buy to youself students version for you this become why they are make it.

Have one happy times unto the school.



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If you go here & read, it looks like the Student Version is just what you need.

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Wayne Tiffany

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