Strange Toolbox problem

We use socket head cap screws a lot in our cameras. All of a sudden, when I
drag a SHCS into the window I get the message "Cannot open
C:\ToolboxParts\....\SocketHeadCapScrewAI.SLDPRT. Future Version." All the
other Toolbox parts drag and drop ok, except this one. I then upgraged from
2003 3.0 to 3.1 to see if 'future version' would go away, and loaded the
latest Toolbox but got the same result.
Any ideas? (Don't suggest contacting my VAR - my company stopped paying
Brian Park
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Brian Park
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You wouldn't by chance have a beta version of 2004? If you installed the 2004 toolbox and didn't create a new part directory you may have overwritten a 2003 file with a 2004 one.
I once got a message stating it couldn't open a SW 95 file. The machine I'm running hasn't seen anything before SW2001.
Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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Len K. Mar

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