I got the SW survey today. Here was my comment:

Book Bag/Chopper Book Bag/Chopper

This refers to the swiveling of my head from the cheapo book bag hung on the chair in front of me and then Tuetle's chopper.

Being translated this means that they will spend thousands on a promo item for new sales value and peanuts on the existing customer base. This is a shift from previous years when items of real value and quality were provided as part of the price of admission. I still use the computer bag and back pack from previous SWW and unlike the chinzy ones my kids use in school those items have stood the test of time.

The capper is that they announced a ride on Rutan's spaceship to the best selling VAR. I think it should go to whoever in SW quashes the most bugs and gets CTDT under control.

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Yes, hats off to the SWx swag dept... they have consistently provided high quality give-aways. Every day I still use the porfolio/folder thingy that I got in New Orleans in 2000, and the backpack from 2001 in Orlando is a terrific gym bag (though I will not pretend to be disciplined enough to use THAT every day). The CSWP shirt is one of the few that has fit me well after a couple of washings. Some times the giveaways were bulky and hard to get home, but they were always really nice.

When I received the lame red bag this year, I will admit the greedy part of my soul wished for more. In my heart of hearts, I kind of was expecting to see the conference proceedings distributed to everyone on a 1GB memory key - now that would have been a handy giveaway.

But the conscious part was cool with it, because there is only so much money to go around. I'd like to think that the savings were used to mail everyone the conference preceedings instead of handing out discs, so we had a shot at getting very mature versions of the breakout presentations (in the old days, the presentations were due in November if they were going to be included on the CD, so they were often in early draft form) My beef on reckless spending has always been with the weirdo scluptures at the general session, and some of the flashier items. But I walked away with a bag of cloves, so I am satisfied for this year.


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Edward T Eaton

And I'll have to admit that Red Bag was handy in that it hooked over the back of the chair in front and made a handy "office" during the breakout sessions. And I will also have to admit that the binding of the Agenda was the best I have seen. It stayed open to the day's events very nicely.

Unlike past years swag (Portfolio, Backpack, Laptop Bag, etc.) the Red Bag disappeared from people's hands quickly after the first day.

I felt like a groupy the first day, what with my SW hat (original red logo), SW Backpack and SW Laptop bag with SW pen and SW bottle opener/keychain. But I switched to status quo the second day with the red bag and stayed with it even though others fashion sense eschewed it.

I like the 1GB memory stick idea. The Red Bag with a pocket for the stick would be OK. Gee, how about a little socket in each chair to plug the memory stick into and download the audio as the speaker speaks. Do away with awkward note taking.

There, now I'm not so grouchy.

The other Paul

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Paul, Shoot me an email if you get a moment.

rdoyle at you know where dot com


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Richard Doyle

I agree. I also did the online review, but I forgot to comment about the bound book when filling it out. I liked the map, and REALLY liked the day by day agenda - good work, Alyson Savelle - which sure beat years past where you would have to search through all three days' sessions to get the description for the sessions on that day.

But I missed having a copy of the agenda that was small enough to put in the same clear jacket as my conference badge. On the last day, as I was running to give a presentation, I ran into trouble because I had no idea what room I was going to. I had to stop someone (thanks, anonymouys benefactor!) to find out my room and where I could find it!

You are a genius, my friend. I LOVE this idea.

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Edward T Eaton

I agree, it would be cool, but then reality hits with the major hurdle not being technical or logistical, but rather copyright. The example is Burt's part of the program - SW can't even post it.


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Wayne Tiffany

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