Tool Bars - Change position from part to part. - Is it just me? Or is there a setting?

Seems to me that my tool bar positions change from part to part. I'm a bit miffed about this, as I'm just grinding away at the project and not paying much attention to the behaviour of the toolbars.

I realize that SolidWorks presents the toolbars in the context of the model and what is being edited. (eg sketch toolbar in sketch mode. Part, assembly or drawing.. etc)

Specifically: I'm sure that a different set of tool bars (or the same toobars in different position arrangement) shows with different part models.

Does SolidWorks store toolbar information with the part model file? I thought that information was kept in the registry each time you exit SolidWorks.


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They shouldn't change from part to part, but they will change between types of documents (part, assy, drw).


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Yes I agree. That's what I expect. But they just seem to be switching about. It's not a big problem. Maybe it's the way I have been docking them. then when I go from a part document to assy document, the docked toolbar interferes with one specific for asseblies and the bump each other.


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