update(2) : stereo view in SW

i`ve ended with a VB code like this:

Dim swApp As Object Dim swModel As Object Dim swView As Object Dim bEnable As Variant Dim Retval As Variant Dim dfSeparation As Variant Dim errors As Long Dim DataArray(1) As Double

Sub main()

Set swApp = Application.SldWorks Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc() Set swView = swModel.ActiveView bEnable = 1 Retval = swApp.EnableStereoDisplay(bEnable) bEnable = 3 Retval = swApp.EnableStereoDisplay(bEnable) 'MsgBox "EnableStereoDisplay returns:" 'MsgBox Retval Rem dfSeparation = swView.GetStereoSeparation() Rem array (StereoMagintude, StereoParalax) Rem dfSeparation = Array(0.5, -15) DataArray(0) = 2 DataArray(1) = 150 dfSeparation = DataArray Retval = swView.SetStereoSeparation((dfSeparation)) 'MsgBox "SetStereoSeparation returns:" 'MsgBox Retval 'Retval = swApp.EnableStereoDisplay(bEnable) ' not here End Sub

Retval returns true both in EnableStereo and SetStereo, but nothing else happens(I.m. image is not going stereo, even shutglasses don`t kick in). Can anyone test it on Quadro graphics card? i think that this might be my problem . . . i have Gainward Ti4200 and SoftQuadro4 doesn`t work for me . . .

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