What happened to "Constrain All"?

I can't find the tools-relations-constrain all command in SW 2007. What happened to it?

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Thanks, I ran into the same question just this weekend. I found myself missing the old add relations and set equal, missin in

2008. I just couldn't find the substitute, so thanks for pointing it out

At first I was disappointed that this revision of the function moved into an unexpected spot, AND adds dimensions by default.

Of course, after half a minute I realized that I all I had to do was delete all the relations (because the dims were not intelligent and therefore unwelcome), redo the function, and go back to the PM and close out of the 'add dimensions' group box to get just the relations I wanted that I missed from the old functions without all the silly dims (dims are about design intent, not arbitrary dims to the origin)

On the PLUS side, you can now add equal and other obvious relations (tangent, vertical, horizontal) to a sketch that already has some relations.

That's pretty cool, and will come in handy


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Edward T Eaton

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