Affordable Electronic Solutions for Model Railroads

Full disclosure: I am behind the operation of the site described here...
Circuits4Tracks has been started to provide affordable electronic
solutions for model railroads.
This means that instead of simply offering a circuit for sale, you have
a choice between building the circuit entirely by yourself (free circuit
schematic, you do all the rest of the work), assembling your own
components on a purchased circuit board, assembling the parts in a kit,
or purchasing that fully assembled device.
At this time, the only product is a block occupancy detector, but free
"tips and tricks" articles are being added.
For more information, see
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ALL circuit board manufacturing and board assembly is done in North America.
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Calvin Henry-Cotnam
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". What I'd like to know: do these boards include some sort of computer interface or do they just provide a logic output (ie. that can be connected to a Chubb CMR/I or to a logic input of some stationary DCC decoder or something. *Please* let me know if you ever start making boards that connect to a computer (eg via USB or something else). I'd like to add code to the Model Railroad System to talk/listen to such devices. More info on the Model Railroad System is available here:
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Robert Heller
Sorry about that - everything had been tested on a Windows server, but the hosting system is UNIX, and an uppercase/lowercase typo caused that.
It's now fixed.
It provides an open collector output. I use them with a proprietary embedded system computer for inputs, so these pull the inputs to logic 0. They can be used to turn on anything up to 24 volts DC.
The intent is to keep it as low cost and as versatile as possible.
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