Any C-Track users


Marklin/Trix make a great track system, - both 3-rail and 2 -rail, called C-Track. The quality is great, the turning radius goes down to just under

15", and the switch motors are mounted under the roadbed. With it little bit of scenic work, it could look great, and I'm really considering using it.

Have any American modellers used Kadee magnets for uncoupling with this system? The only uncouplers made seem to be for the Marklin coupling system.

This is the only downside I see with this system.

Any comments?


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Gittyup skriver:

Dont You see a downside in the price ???

Here in Europe it is widely spread, but it is allso one of the most expensive track systems used. It is perfect for chilps play, because of the easy assemble.

What about Roco Geo-Line track ?


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Klaus D. Mikkelsen

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