Brass HO Steam repair

Can anyone recommend an honest site to repair (electrical short in wheels)
of a brass loco.
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tex shalter
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I do not know of any but I did a search and here are some possibities.
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You can join & ask at:
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forum is quite active.
Also there is a Yahoo Group you can join & ask:
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If you are willing to try to undertake the repair yourself, see MR November, 1955 page 32 for a good step by step procedure. The author is John Page. HTH. I hope this message won't appear twice, but, an earlier posting seems to be floating somewhere in cyberspace. Thank you.
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If you can't get hold of this issue, what he basically did was smoke- test the driver to locate the shorted insulation. This was a literal smoke- test, briefly done, with a big old tinplate transformer. Then he drilled the ends of the bad insulation with a thin drill, raked out the bad stuff with a jeweler's saw blade, and filled the gap with thick shellac. Nowadays you could use epoxy, but the epoxy mines hadn't opened back then.
The type of short repaired was in tire-insulated drivers. Other types of insulation would require different repairs.
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